WAHL Clipper Oil CL-3310

WAHL Clipper Oil CL-3310

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WAHL Clipper Oil CL-3310

WAHL Clipper Oil is specifically formulated to work best with WAHL clippers. Just a few drops of the WAHL Oil and its special lubricants is all it takes to extend the life of blades and clippers. It coats the blades with an ultra-thin film of corrosion prevention.



• Specially Prepared For WAHL Electric Clippers & Trimmers
• Great For Prolonging the Life of Blades
• Helps Maintain Blades Cutting Precision 
• Can Reduce Friction & Heat Caused by under Lubricated Blades
• Prevents Rust
• Easy To Use Twist Nozzle
• Ideal For Regular Use


• 4 oz
• 6" Tall


- All dimensions are approximations -