ONE 'N ONLY Shiny Silver Ultra Hair Spray HP-539165

ONE 'N ONLY Shiny Silver Ultra Hair Spray HP-539165

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ONE 'N ONLY Shiny Silver Ultra Hair Spray HP-539165
Shiny Silver Ultra Hair Spray is a fast-drying formula that provides versatile holding power with touchable, non-sticky hold. Special ingredients neutralize unwanted yellow tones on gray, white and blonde hair, giving hair exceptional shine. Contains vitamin E known to help protect, repair and condition the hair internally and externally. Moisture barriers help provide humidity resistance and control frizz. A working and finishing spray combination that adds control and body to the hair without compromising combability. Style memory allows hair to return to its original style, even after brushing.


•Shiny Silver Ultra Strong Hold Hair Spray
•Fast Drying Formula
•Instantly Restores Brightness on Dry & Damaged Hair
•Enhances Blonde & Revitalizes Bleached, Frosted & Blonde-Tinted Hair
•Eliminates Yellow And Brassiness In White And Gray Hair
•Contains Vitamin E to Help Protect, Repair & Condition Hair Internally & Externally
•Leaves Hair Soft and Healthy-Looking
• Working & Finishing Spray
•Allows Hair To Return To Original Style Even After Brushing


• 10.2 oz