LISAPLEX Salon Intro Kit Paraben & Sulfate Free HP-LPBONDKIT2

LISAPLEX Salon Intro Kit Paraben & Sulfate Free HP-LPBONDKIT2

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LISAPLEX Salon Intro Kit Paraben & Sulfate Free HP-LPBONDKIT2 

Lisaplex is a revolutionary product developed with Lisap technology containing Organic Protein Complex. It can be mixed with other products or as a stand alone solution when doing: colouring, reconstruction, perms, decolouration and straightening. Used on its own Lisaplex gives body, volume and thickens all types of hair; Leaving hair shiny, full of body and firm without weighing it down. After treatment, when used on its own Lisaplex helps to rebuild the hairs disulphide bonds. The result is radiant, shiny and strong hair. The forumla is completely Paraben and Sulfate Free.

The Lisaplex Kit consists of:
Lisaplex BondSaver shielding fluid cream enriched with Organic Protein Complex preserves the integrity of the lamellar structures of the hair and restructures and reconstructs the damaged keratin complex.

Lisaplex HairStructure Filler fluid cream, essential for completing the action of Lisaplex BondSaver. It recreates the optimum cosmetic condition and reconstructs a natural filler-protective film-forming layer, nourishing and hydrating the hair.


• Paraben and Sulfate Free
• Provides Body, Volume and Thickens all Hair Types
• Leaves Hair Shiny, Radiant and Strong
• Can be Used Alone or With Other Products
• Creates Outstanding Results Both at the Surface of the Hair Cuticle and at the Interior of the Hair Cortex
• Molecular Complex Penetrates To Cortex
• Nourishes and Hydrates Hair


• 1 x BondSaver 125ml
• 1 x Hair Structure Filler 125 ml
• 1 x Dosing Dispenser
• 3 x Small Fluid Dropper