LISAP LK Oil Protection Complex Permanent Cream Color

LISAP LK Oil Protection Complex Permanent Cream Color

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The advanced formula in LK Cream Color has remarkable low concentration of 1% ammonia. The innovative micro molecular colors gently and evenly penetrate the hair to achieve perfect results. LK Cream Color is designed to provide 100% gray hair coverage. The rich natural extracts of coconut provide maximum protection to the keratin and structure of the hair. LK Cream Color is self-timed to guarantee even coloration from roots to ends.




• LISAP LK CreamColor OPC
• Full Spectrum Of Rich Vibrant Shades
• Low Concentration Of 1% Ammonia
• 100% Gray Coverage On The Toughest Hairs
• Special Blend Of Coconut Extracts To Condition and Protect Hair
• Provides Ultra Shiny Results
• Rich And Creamy Consistency To Easily Mix
• Stainless, Odorless, And No Irritation
• 3.5 oz