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Dryers & Dryer Chairs

The reason for booking an appointment at a salon is not longer limited to a simple haircut. A visit to a salon can range from retouching highlights, retightening curls in a perm, or receiving a deep conditioning treatment.

For these visits, your clients many times are seated underneath a portable dryer or in a dryer chair. This piece of salon equipment is essential in any salon, and due to its frequent use must be of excellent quality and extremely reliable.

We offer several types of dryer chairs here at It’s important for these chairs to not only be comfortable, but also complement the rest of your salon furniture. That’s why we carry a variety of styles from wood handles, chrome handles to basic plastic handles. Some of our chairs also feature a foldable leg rest, so that your clients can truly be relaxed. Other accessories for chairs and our salon equipment products can be found here

Don’t have room for a dryer chair? Don’t worry. We carry versatile dryers that can be used with any chair, anywhere, and can easily be stowed away. Give your clients the pampering they deserve with our advance dryer equipments, and furniture from