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Therapeutic treatments are in high demand today, especially with our stressful daily activities. The great news is that many full service beauty salons have added masseuses to their team to provide relaxing massages for their clients. Add massage to your menu of services if you haven't already, and create memorable and soothing treatments that will have your clients returning back.

The brand Endure for our massage tables and massage chairs are among one of our best sellers here at Available in multiple colors, lightweight for easy portability, multiple adjustment capabilities, and includes a carrying case. Our selection ranges from stationary models to portable models, allowing you to use and put away in minutes. Constructed from the highest quality materials and functional designs it will indeed ensure a comfortable and professional experience for all.

To ensure absolute comfort to your clients, you cannot do without our full line of massage supplies. Whether you need to perform a hot stone treatment, a Swedish deep tissue massage, a fizzy foot massage or a European facial, we’ll have the supplies you need. You may select from disposable face covers, hot stones, stone heaters, table covers, to bolsters, holsters and towel warmers. Your therapeutic treatment sessions will go by fast, when you choose from our state-of-the art massage chairs or one of our classic massage tables for your customers to unwind and relax on.

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