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Barber Chairs

Women are usually the ones to pamper themselves first, but the men in our lives should be afforded that same luxury. Here at you’ll find excellent barber chairs for your barber shop. Our barber chairs provide comfortable and memorable experiences, and your customers will certainly be coming back on a regular basis.

With state of the art features, our chairs are equipped with heavy duty hydraulics, durable vinyl material, and with adjustable settings. Additional features include, multiple reclining positions and a 360-degree rotation. These high quality chairs are perfect for all types of barber shop services. From hot lather shaves to mustache and beard trims, to shoulder massages, these chairs will get the job done. Also, don’t forget about the shoeshine. Some of chairs have an adjustable foot rest so that you can end the grooming session on a flawless note.

Visit our complete page for related barber shop furniture. Call our barber furniture specialist when ready to equip your barber shop with one of these professional chairs and take your business to a new level.