Wall Mounted Hair Dryer   

Model: HD-22D

MSRP: $1299.99

Price: $899.99



Wall Mounted Hair Dryer HD-22D

This CE Certified Wall-Mount hair dryer comes on an easy-swivel arm, so you can quickly and easily move it out of the way when drying is complete. The dryer's adjustable thermostat heats up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Features adjustable height, and timer with automatic shut off. An excellent space saver and must have for your salon



• 113 Degrees Fahrenheit
• Adjustable Temperature
• Adjustable Height
• Single Speed Rotation
• Timer with Automatic Shut Off (30 Min Max)

• Hood Diameter: 19"
• Arm Extends from the Wall: 63"
• Power: 1110W  120V  50-60Hz

- CE Certified-International Compliance for Safety Standards -
- All dimensions are approximations. Minor assembly required. -