Skin Care Woods Lamp   

Model: ML-90

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Skin Care Woods Lamp ML-90

This professional Skin Care Woods Lamp is easy to use. It helps to expose different skin substances and is a diagnostic tool used in dermatology to observe any subsequent fluoresce of the skin under its UV light. It has a 5x diopter magnifying lens and a wave length of approximately 365 nanometers.



• White Woods Lamp
• Examine & Diagnose Skin Type
• UV Light Used to Diagnose Skin Conditions
• 5x Magnifying Lens
• Will Not Harm Eyes

•  7" W x 10.5" L
•  Power: 20W  120V  60Hz 

• Plastic Protective Cover
• Blue Drawstring Hood
• 4 Bulbs

- CE Certified-International Compliance for Safety Standards -
- All dimensions are approximations. -