Shampoo Vacuum Breaker   

Model: SU-001

MSRP: $79.99

Price: $9.99



Shampoo Bowl Vacuum Breaker SU-001

The vacuum breaker is a tool to prevent back flow pressure in a plumbing system. It allows air to enter the water system if siphon attempts to form. When the pressure reduces in the upstream, the valve drops to allow air to enter the system, breaking the siphon.



• Standard Vacuum Breaker
• Compatible for US Standard Fixtures
• Fits all our Shampoo Bowl and Backwash Units

• Overall: 3"
• 1/2" Male Connector Ends

It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or installer to adhere to local plumbing codes. Prior to purchase, please check with your City Code to determine the requirements for the fixtures, such as UPC and IAPMO.

- All dimensions are approximations. -