Galvanic Skin Care Machine   

Model: SK-92

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Galvanic Skin Care Machine SK-92

This is a professional grade Galvanic Machine that is well suited to provide powerful yet customizable high frequency skin treatments.




• Iontoderm (Desincrustation): This is a deep pore cleansing chemical process which turns natural oils in the skin (sebum) into soap (saponification) for deep dermis cleansing.

• Iontophoresis: This function facilitates product penetration, a process based on the process at the poles, like magnets.

• Includes: Galvanic Electrodes 3 Piece Set
    - Ball Electrode
    - Opposing Pole Electrode
    - Roller Electrode

• 8.25" W x 5.75" L x 2.5" H

• Power: 20W  120V  50-60Hz


Suggested Parts and Accessories:

Trolley with Glass Trays: TR-92

Rolling Magnifying
Lamp: ML-94

Facial Bed with Stool:


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